Our Management Policy


As an in-house philosophy Al- Mukawilon General Contracting believes that good business is about lasting relationships. 

Relationships that stand the test of time by testifying to our quality work that outshines the competition.

On a corporate level, we have exhibited our commitment to this ideology.

One of our company’s strongest personality traits is commitment. We are committed to our clients, our team members, our industry and to each other. Commitment is a trait that all the best teams and their members must possess.

The basic goal of Al-Mukawilon is to perform the jobs undertaken, in conformity with the international criterias, current regulations, specifications and standards, with high quality and profitability, in a specified time.

Al-Mukawilon bases its range of activities to its experienced staff and extensive knowledge, and conducts those activities with its subsidiaries and group companies.

Al-Mukawilon management is aware of the fact that assuring the success and the future depends on the contribution of its employees, peaceful work atmosphere, security , and quality of work being done.

The main principle of Al-Mukawilon staff is to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Al-Mukawilon considers that every person and organization is its own customer, and constitutes its management system in accordance with this understanding.

Every member of the Al-Mukawilon is a: Leader, who sets innovation team player, who follows up on innovation and strives for improvement.
Professional, who believes that every achievement is the starting point for a new goal.