Construction Management Projects

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Management projects involves directing and coordinating the following:

  1st: Donation requirements:
    1. Project identification.
    2. Site investigation and surveys.
    3. Preliminary concept design.
    4. Take off & cost estimation.
  2nd: Tender stage:
    1. Detailed design.
    2. Approvals and Authorities permits.
    3. Prequalification for designers & contractors.
    4. Preparing tendering documents including
    contracts and specifications for contractors,
    designers, materials supply and supervision..
  3rd: Construction:
    1. Assigning the contractors and suppliers.
    2. Supervision.
    3. Quality assurance.
    4. Quantity control and payments.
  4th: Financial Planning (Requirements):
    1. Feasibility studies.
    2. Market demand.
    3. Financial statements.
    4. Financial analysis.
    5. Budget control for projects.
    6. Variation orders.


Ramada Project


Byder Building

scope217.jpgscope218.jpgscope219.jpgResidential Buildings - Byder Building Nablus.jpg

Rawabi Byder Building

scope220.jpgscope221.jpgResidential Buildings- Rawabi Building -Byder -Ramallah.jpgscope222.jpg