Sewage Disposal


Jericho Waste Water Collection, Treatment System & Reuse Project



Location: Jericho Area
Employer: PWA Palestinian Water Authority
Description: Execution 25km sewer trunk lines, 12km connection pipes & pits and construction of wastewater collection, treatment System and Reuse Plant (WWTP)

 • Wastewater treatment Plan (WWTP) : Capacity 9,800m3/day

 • Sewer Pipes “UPVC & Concrete Pipes Including Manholes”: Total Length= 25.40km

 • Construction Pipes and Pits: 360 places (12km Pipes)


Sewage Disposal Network & Upgrading Water network– Different Areas

(1994 - 1999)


Location: Different Areas at West Bank:
Salfeet, Tulkarem & Nurshams Refugee Camp,
Ramallah, Al-Bireh,
Nablus; Old City, Askar Refugee Comp & Blata Refugee Comp
Employer: Salfeet Municipality, UNRWA, Ramallah Municipality, Al-Bireh Municipality, UNDP
Description: (Eight Projects) –
 1. 5300 LM Main Sewerage Line & House Connections at Salfeet
 2. Sewerage Network at Nur Shams Refugee Camp.
 3. Construction of sewerage connection line & manholes which connects both Nur Shams & Tulkarem camps to the treatment plant of Tulkarem Town .
 4. Execution of the sewerage works At Ramallah
 5. Execution of the sewerage works At Al-Bireh.
 6. Upgrading of Nablus Old City Water Network.
 7. Construction of internal sewerage system at Asker Camp.
 8. Improvement of sewage collection network of Balata Refugee Camp.