Electrical infrastructure works


Structural Excavations for the Business Commercial ComplexContract (5/Abu Qash - Reef)


SAM 4833

Location: Ramallah/abu Qash
Employer: Byder for development and real estate.
Description: Structural Excavations for the Business Commercial Complex

Excavations Works & Earthworks For Ring Road, Infrastructure Works & Fence Package At Ersal Center Project

2011 - 2012


Location: Al-Baireh Area
Employer: Arduna Real Estate Development Co
Amaar Group
Description: (Four Projects)
  •  • Structural Excavations for Amaar, BOP and QB Towers with approximate quantity of 145,000m3.
  •  • Excavation & Earthworks for Ring Road, Road C, Road E & Road F / with an approximate length of 850m.
  •  • Executive sewage, water electrical and telecom networks and roads finishing.
  •  • Installing and Fixing Safety Fence with approximate Length of (840 mr) and Installing and Fixing Hoarding Advertisement Fence with approximate Length of (315 mr).

Infrastructure Works Projects (2 Projects)



Location: Nablus Area
Employer: 1- AN-Najah National University
2- Byder For Development & Real Estate
Description: (Two Projects);
  •  1. Infrastructure for of AN-Najah National University; All underground facilities serving all the new campus buildings (around 12000 m).
  •  2. Infrastructure for Zawata Land Development; including road works, lighting, water works for (80 000m2) Zawata land area development for residence.

Repair and Re- construction of Electricity Networks for Several Streets



Location: Nablus Area
Employer: Nablus Municipality.
Description: Electricity Networks & Lighting Network for Several Streets:
 1. Faisal Street
 2. Haifa Street
 3. Amman Street