Driving forward with passion since 1985

Scope of Work

AL-Mukawilon specialises in customizing its approach to the needs and challenges of each project no matter the size or scope and to mitigate risks before they happen in the field and to control projects Quality, cost and schedule.

Al-Mukawilon is turnkey main contractor with in house capacity to carry out big scale projects:-

  1. General Contracting


    • Health Care / Hospitals & Clinics

    • Education / Universities & Educational Institutions, Schools & Kindergartens

    • Commercial / Shopping Centers & Commercial Tower

    • Cultural / Auditoriums & Stadiums

    • Industrial / Steel Construction

    • Residential Building Complexes

    • Renovations

    • Infrastructure Projects

    • Roads

    • Sewage Disposal

    • Water Distribution

    • Reservoirs & Pump Stations

    • Electrical Infrastructure Works

  2. Construction Management

    MUK management exceeds projects and owner objectives through structured and consistent methods system applied by high experience talented team specially selected for each project based on their relevant experience and capabilities.

    In addition Al-Mukawilon offers construction management services which include covers all project phases as follows:

    1. 1st: Project pre-tender stage:

      1. Project identification,

      2. Prepare Site investigation and survey,

      3. Supervise Preliminary concept design,

      4. Prepare and negotiate cost estimates, budgets and work time.

    2. 2nd: Tender stage:

      1. Design management & supervise detailed design,

      2. Prequalification for designers & contractors,

      3. Approvals and Authorities permits,

      4. Supervise preparing tendering documents including contracts and specifications for contractors, designer, materials supply and supervision.

    3. 3rd: Construction Stage:

      1. Assigning the contractors, suppliers specialists

      2. Supervision construction

      3. Ensure Quality assurance,

      4. Quantity control and payments.

    4. 4th: Financial Planning (Requirements):

      1. Feasibility studies,

      2. Market demand,

      3. Financial statements,

      4. Financial analysis,

      5. Budget control for projects,

      6. Variation orders.

  3. Owner representatives

    Today’s complex construction project demand an experienced owner’s advocate to ensure your best interest are being met in all aspect of project. Al-Mukawilon Owner’s representatives ensure best in class performance and clear communication among owners, contractor, designer, vendor and donors.
    Throughout the project Al-Mukawilon team will help control expenditures and improved processes

  4. Design & Build Projects

    For these type of projects we care to assign the best qualified designers and assure that the designs brings to mind the most convenient results to the owner with lowest possible cost.