Driving forward with passion since 1985

Social Responsibility

At al Mukawilon we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the lasting legacies we build add value to communities.

We’ve a great understanding of the needs of different communities. So, whether we are restoring forgotten parts of a city or building new social infrastructure, on every project we aim to provide opportunities that enable local people to grow well.
We approach community engagement in a considered and inclusive way, ensuring that any potential disturbance caused by construction is mitigated and that we generate positive opportunities for those affected.

Our community engagement activities allow our people to share knowledge, materials, resources, time. We aim to keeping relationships strong with local people, helping to ensure the legacy we leave is a positive one.
From locals to schools to charities and businesses, our team strive to support anyone and everyone within proximity to our projects and act as devoted points of contact in relation to any Al Mukawilon project work.

Giving back

To go a step further in developing communities, we actively seek opportunities to help charities, small businesses and facilities that form the foundations of any community.
From removing the effects of the occupier's aggression, on the city of Nablus / West Bank in the 2002 uprise to educating and train local school children& University students about construction, we use our skills, knowledge, and expertise to bring about positive opportunities through our work.